Schools For India

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What is the three shift system?

The school is designed to accommodate around 1000 students per shift, the shifts are designated as, Primary shift for regular students, Second Shift for drop outs who could not pursue their studies due to Schools for India- FAQ Document For Open Circulation Page 5 various reasons, and third shift is for those who are working. The second and third shift will run for two hours each. The second and third shift will provide bridge courses for the students. The older students are expected to undergo on the job training in the rural economic zone which will be created as part of the school campus.

Why build large schools instead of small schools?

Based on our studies we find that maintaining a large school is much easier than maintaining many small schools. By providing large and well managed facility will attract the right teaching talent than small schools. Economy of scale is achieved by building large school catering to more villages than locating small schools in as many villages.

What is the area of coverage for these schools?

Each of these schools, are expected to cover a physical radius of 5 to 7 KM and older students will be accepted from as far as 10 to 12 KM radius. The School will provide bus facilities for the students to attend the school. The coverage will be based on local conditions and the above coverage area is for planning purposes only.