Schools For India

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What is the scope of Schools for India project?

Schools for India will build and run 6000 schools across India, with focus on rural areas to provide best in class infrastructure and education to the people of rural India.

Each district will have 10 to 12 schools based on the need, and will cover approximately 150 to 200 villages.

What is the coverage of the school?

The school will have Kinder Garten to Secondary school, with total 3000 students in three shifts.

How large is the school?

Each school will be built over an area of 20 Acres, with built up area of 140,000 Sq Ft.

What are all the components of the School?

Each school will consist of:

Kinder Garten

Primary School

High/Middle School

Secondary School

Special Children School


Vocational Training Center

Physical Training Center, Sports field and Stadium

Rural Economic Zone- Periphery

Family Health Center-Periphery

Environmental Education Center of Excellence- Water Shed, Indigenous Plants, and Bio studies.

Community Center

Kitchen and Dining for Catering to 500 Students at a time, doubles up as Community Kitchen Center

Media Center-FM Radio Station

Transportation Facility