Schools For India

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What are all the main objects of Schools for India Trust?

S4I is primarily engaged in building and running schools in rural India. S4I plans to build 6000 schools across India in 610 districts. The below are the details on the primary and secondary objects.

The objects of the Trust are as under:

(i) To design, construct, establish, run and maintain educational schools in various districts in India.

(ii) To apply the Trust Fund or any part thereof for the general purposes of designing, constructing, establishing, running and maintaining of schools and in payment of all rents, rates, taxes, cost of insurance, repairs and other outgoings payable from time to time in respect of the schools or any property on which schools are constructed.

(iii) To design, construct, establish, run and maintain boarding houses, libraries, sports fields and stadiums, physical and cultural activity centers etc. for the persons who study at the schools established by the Trust.

(iv) To enter into franchise arrangements/agreements with educational boards, corporations, individuals or any other persons who may wish to run the schools constructed by the Trust.

(v) To engage professors, teachers and instructors to impart education to the students in all subjects, physical training, culture, research work, intellectual and other useful pursuits.

(vi) To accept grants, donations, presents, gifts and offerings and to deal with the same for the purposes of the Trust.

(vii) To invest, dispose off, transfer and otherwise deal with the properties and assets of the Trust in such manner as the Trustees may deem fit, for the attainment of objects of the Trust.

(viii) To pay stipends and scholarships to the students on such terms as the Trustees may deem fit.

(ix) To do all other acts and things as may be necessary or conducive to the attainment of the above objects. The schools will be in the rural areas, and for any partnership with any other organization the organization has to be a non-profit organization.

Will Schools for India support Government or Private schools which are already running?

Schools for India will support on case to case basis any government or privately run schools. But Schools for India will concentrate on building and running its own schools across India.