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Visit to Manipur

We visited Manipur on the Invitation of Bikram Singh, who is a cyclist and also the winner of the 2nd ICR in the ECR championship.

As you land in Manipur, you can’t resist the temptation of calling it the heaven on earth. With beautiful hills and surrounding valley’s it is called  “a flower on lofty heights”.

The state is divided in to nine districts, and we visited two districts, the Imphal East and Bishnapur. Along with the local community groups, we inspected prospective school sites in 5 places.

The whole trip was organized by Kamban Seityajeet, a  social worker. Since it is a border state, and under many cross country influences, the presence of  underground militants and  para military forces, makes life  far from normal.  More than 16 hours of power cuts makes the functioning of any industry a near impossibility.

There are many schools and the literacy rate is very high, but all the activities are governed by the underground groups. We could see the school children participating in protest rallies during school time.

All the community leaders whom we  met wanted to change the situation to bring quality education and new industries which will provide employment.

We agreed to work together and we will be helping  them  set up the following: Nine district sporting clubs, One environmental Center of Excellence in Imphal, and also work towards setting up a community radio station.

We also looked at creating the project plan for building the schools in Imphal and Bishnapur to start with,

We are looking forward to acquiring around 100 members to support the project in Manipur.