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The Survey Experience

When we wanted to find out how to do the survey, there were many options. We created the following process for the survey. We divided the whole survey in to three phases: 01. The secondary research 02. The primary Research 03. Analysis and decision making Before we started we did a through research and gathered the data like, how many villages are there in Vandavasi, what is the road and transport facilities available, how many schools are there, number of male/female/Children/literate in each village.

We hired a professional agency to do this job, and once they brought these data what we did was to plot the data on a large A0 size map of Vandavasi Block.

Once we did that, we were able to decide the primary survey schedule; we initially calculated that we can do two to three villages per day per person. Later we had to revise this, as some of the villages are pretty large.

The kick off was peaceful as the team from Chennai met up with the volunteers and gave an overview on what we are up to and we went through the questionnaire one by one.

We ensured that they understood the purpose and intent of each question.

We had a team of 21 volunteers and 2 supervisors.

The first village was near Vandavasi called Mummuni and we also went to the local school. By the time we finished the door to door survey it was evening and we had to leave.

The volunteers, primarily from Vandavasi area were too eager from the beginning, and really bonded well during the course of the survey.

It took us almost 25 days to go through the 212 villages, and midway we had to modify the questionnaire to fill some gaps.

Some of the findings are really useful, people are very receptive, and they have good awareness about sending their children to school.

Some of them travel more than 7 to 10 KM to go to school, and we have decided that we will run a three shift school to ensure that the children can come and learn even if they are working in the field.

And providing bus facility will greatly improve the number of children enrolling.

In my next update I will talk about our experience in conducting the Street Play.