Schools For India

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The Framework

6000 schools across the country have been planned; each of which will have the capacity to teach
945 students. Up to 15 special children from Pre KG to secondary school shall also be
accommodated in each school.

Schools for India Trust is embarking on a magnificent infrastructure building plan with the aim of
providing the best schools for rural India, with facilities on par or superior to that of city schools for
students from rural India. The school buildings will be constructed within 12 weeks from the date of
commencement using latest international building technologies.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure will act as a catalyst for parents to send their children to school,
and the trust will sponsor education, meals and uniforms to those who require it.

The trust believes firmly that such provided infrastructure will ensure quicker admission, higher
school attendance and reduce the migration of students to cities.

We are currently in the process of identifying all the 6000 sites across rural India with the aim of
providing at least 9 to 10 schools for every district across India.

The target site evaluation is done based on several criteria’s like the population, per capita income
in the region, availability of basic amenities like water, power etc, the literacy levels, socio-economic

The target site identification is done by team of experts who will analyze the data and arrive at the
correct location for these schools in a given district.

The identified locations will be published in the website.

During the same time period the local site owners will be identified and recruited, as full time
employees of the Trust.

The first pilot site will be in the Thiruvannamalai district of Tamilnadu, near Chennai.

Each of the sites will be of 10 acres apart from the pilot which will be of 20 acres.