Schools For India

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Information Technology:

The creation of the Information Technology backbone will enable the Schools for India to achieve its
stated objective.
Schools for India will ensure that all the processes are online and automated to achieve maximum
benefits to all the stake holders.
Creating and maintaining such IT Backbone is the mandate of the group with in the organization
called Information systems Group.
The following are the major focus areas of spending by Schools for India.

Web Site:

Schools for India web site with user friendly functionalities ensures that the information pertaining to
the organization are published periodically, the key functionalities are include, information regarding
the upcoming projects, membership information, Volunteer information etc.
The enrollment process would be made online to enable easy enrollment of members, volunteers
and mentors.

Partner Portal

The online portal for the various stake holders to interact with Schools for India, the user can log in
with secure ID and password.
The following partners would be having access to the portal, viz Partner Charities
Partner Non Profit corporations, Partner Vendors, Partner Educational Institutions, and Partner

Business Operation services:

The functions of all the support groups would be online to ensure that all the processes are
automated and transparent.

Community Portal:

To provide an online medium for various community groups to interact, like the members,
Celebrities, Volunteers, community champions and Community sponsors.

The Schools Portal:

To ensure that each of the schools has their own online space for collaboration, with each cluster of
schools would be able to interact and share information and best practices online.
Over a period of time all the schools would be interconnected through this portal to make it as the
most powerful online medium helping the Teachers and students.

Design and Architecture:

In order to cater to the wide variety of terrains and communities, there is a need for customized
buildings. The customized buildings though ideal would cost more money and time to build. To
overcome these, Schools for India is developing new designs and building architecture which can
be replicated easily using standard construction materials and at the same time retaining the local
needs of look and feel.
Schools for India is partnering with various design firms across the globe in developing the new
technology that will meet the requirement of building 6000 schools by 2020.

Building the Supply chain solution:

Schools for India is establishing a India Centric supply chain solution for moving the required
resources to every district. The efficient supply chain solution will bring the quality construction of
schools to every district.
The various partners identified will implement the supply chain solution effectively as per the laid
down procedures.

The “Manufacturing” of Schools:

Based on the design and the technology enabled supply chain solution, Schools for India is
developing the unique School Manufacturing program.
This capability ensures that the organization is capable of building schools in 100 clusters every
year from 2010.
This means that the overall capability of schools for India would be to build 600 schools every year
from 2010 onwards.

The Curriculum:
Technology will play a major role in developing and administering the school curriculum. Schools for
India will invest in creating online school curriculum and the delivery mechanism to ensure that
quality education reaches all sections of the population.