Schools For India

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Target Sites

The target sites are identified after conducting research. The research for locating the sites is done in two phases: The first phase is the secondary research which involves the identification of blocks and villages in a district and the number of schools,their coverage., etc. The population, literacy levels and various government and non government programs are also identified. The second phase consists of a door to door survey of each village in a block and finding out the status of water,power and road facilities to build the school. The site is usually identified keeping in mind all the villages within a 8 to 10 KM radius, so that the Schools for India buses can bring the children to school.

Schools for India undertakes survey of each of the districts to collect both primary and secondary data.the survey results in identification of the potential site at which we need to build the school. Schools for India as a policy will not build the schools near existing Government or Private schools. The focus is to provide the infrastructure where there is none today.

We are currently in the process of identifying all the 6000 sites across rural India with the aim of providing minimum 10 schools for every district across India.

The target site evaluation is done based on several criteria like the population, per capita income in the region, availability of basic amenities like water, power etc, the literacy levels, and socio-economic conditions.

The target site identification is done by team of experts who will analyze the data and arrive at the correct location for these schools in a given district.

The identification of these sites will start from June 2006 and is expected to be completed by December 2010 and the locations will be published on the website.

During the same time period the local site owners will be identified and recruited, as full time employees of Schools for India.

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