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Schools for India- District Owner:


The district owner is a person who will manage end to end all the School projects in the allocated district. The person will report to the Regional director of Schools for India Trust. The position is voluntary one and it could be full time or part time based on the need. The district owner shall be the member of Schools for India Trust for that particular district as well.

Typically a District owner would be handling 9 to 10 school projects for his/her district.Here is the quick guide to what a district owner would be doing:

Step 1: Secondary search: First identify the list of blocks and villages in your district, and collect the basic data like: Population, Number of Schools, and Literacy rate, NGO’s working in the district.

For data template please send an e mail to you complete the secondary search and the data should be sent to for evaluation and further to be uploaded in the site

Typically this will take 4 to 6 weeks based on your schedule, and you can be anywhere in the world. You can dig in to various websites or ask your contact in the district to go to the district office to get the data and send that to you.

Step 2: Visit to the district:

Once you have the data you can go and visit the various key towns in the district to make sure that you understand how things are, and take pictures, this will be uploaded in the district pages. Please have a look at to have an idea about the content coverage.

Step 3: Initiate NGO contact:

Find out the various NGO’s working in the district and send introductory note about Schools for India and your intention to work with them. Find out the most suitable local agency which is willing to work with you.

Step 4: Initiate community Radio Program:

As per the strategy to reach out to the local community, we would be starting the local community radio stations in partnership with local communities, the CR stations would be owned by the community with initial support from Schools for India. For more details on CR program send mail to with copy to

Step 5: Initiate Schools for India- Cycling Club-<< your District>>We have adopted Cycling as a sport to identify our projects across the country. As part of this strategy to reach out to various communities through Sports, you have to open the cycling club in your district and you would be the owner for this activity as well. The legal documentation and other details for opening the club would be sent by email to you once you send an email to your regional Director/Trustee. For more details mail to with copy to

Step 6: Primary research:

The primary research involves door to door survey of the district, for every village. The process for Primary research is available in the document How to conduct primary research in your district. This document is available through email and would be published in the website soon.

The primary research findings will be published in the website and the exact locations in which we would be building and running the schools would be finalized based on this survey and research.

Step 7: Fund management:

The district owner is now responsible for creating the project plan and funding plan. To work closely with other Schools for India, entities, local and global businesses and ensure that the funding for the project is obtained.

Step 8: Ongoing Project management and support:

The district owner would be responsible for building and running the schools in that district by providing the ongoing project management support.

The district owner is also responsible for managing the expectations of members globally who are attached to that particular district.A district owner is expected to complete step 1 to 7 in 12 to 16 month’s time frame.