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Schools for India-Adyar River Expedition

We are planning to row down the adyar river in May. ( total distance 42 KM)

Why are we doing this: This is part of the “For the sake of education” sporting events.

This expedition will have more to it: We are planning to make the first commercial boating in the rivier, meaning we are planning to buy and sell flowers during the event.

We are looking at 12 to 24 insane people to row down on 25th May-26th May from the origin to sea, starting around 3 PM and end at night. We are also looking at some lights and fireworks to show up in the bridges.

At the end of the event we are expecting some exposure to our project and also bring home the point that we can use this river! For commercial purposes, including going to office by boat.

We are scouting around for partners and if your mates are willing to dirty their shirts, we can have a chat sometime.