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School for your Village

Schools for India is evaluating various sites across India for suitability and the need for building the schools.

A School for your Village:

Here is the chance for you to own a project that will make a difference to the people whom you belong.

If you or your parents are from the village, and would like to see how you can contribute to educating the children from your village, you can send the details of your village details to us at

We will let you know when we are planning to take up the project.

We will also help you link up to the Celebrity and other members who are involved in building the schools in your district.

In case if you happen to be from one of the villages and think that building a school there would be of great help to that community, please refer us the name of the person to be contacted from that local community.

We will keep track of all such requests and will include them In our evaluation and give you the feedback on the status of your request

Since this is a massive project catering almost all parts of the country, local knowledge about the conditions will definitely help.

The Data we need:

You can provide us the following minimum details for us to process your request:

Village Name, Contact person, Block,District and State. and Telephone number or e-mail.

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