Schools For India

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Schools for India has well established process for each of the operational areas.
The new processes are constantly developed, tested and upgraded to give maximum efficiency.
Over a period of next two years Schools for India will develop the complete process manual aimed at
achieving the high maturity level.
The following sections describe the various key process areas identified.

Land acquisition process:

The need for acquiring the sites are to bring hope to millions of people across the country that this
project will bring quality education to their door step, though the actual construction would take place
after few years for many of the clusters.

Partner Selection Process:

Schools for India will evaluate Charities, Non Profit corporations
Vendors, Educational Institutions, NGO’s, based on well accepted and transparent process.
The following stages would be performed for any vendor selection:
01. Pre Qualification RFI- Request for Information
02. Request For Proposal- RFP process
03. Final short list
All the major vendors will be selected by following the above process and the general Terms and
Conditions of Schools for India has to be agreed by all the vendors.
The online portal for vendors will be used for managing the whole process.

Enrollment Process-

Schools for India has developed the enrollment process for Members, Volunteers, Mentors, Community
Champions, Corporate Sponsor, Celebrity Sponsor, and Community Sponsor who are willing to support
this organization.
Each of these processes consists of the typical stages like Target Identification, Communication,
Registration, Monitoring and support and Renewal or Replenish.

Support Staff Selection Process-

The selection of Teaching and Non Teaching staff would be based on the laid down process, complying
with the rules and regulations of the education department.

Decision Making Process-

Schools for India is engaged in building schools with donations from corporate sponsors and members
its imperative to have a clear and transparent decision making process. Who is responsible for taking
what decision and what steps to be followed are detailed in this process.
The decision making process takes care that key decisions are taken without any private gains to those
who are involved and information on all aspects are available to the regulators and public.

Fund Tracking Process-

The most important process which is followed very rigorously is the Fund Tracking Process. The types
of funds which flows in to the organization is clearly accounted and audited. The process ensures that
all the Local and International laws are complied.

List of Processes to be developed
Educational System,
School Management Processes
Rules and Regulations Document
School as Community Center- The 24/7 Utility for maximizing return on investment