Schools For India

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The Cluster Philosophy:

A cluster is a group of schools in a district, each of the clusters will consist of 9 to 10 schools. Each of the schools in
a cluster is called as a unit.

Source Intervention:

By providing the maximum possible resources to overcome issues at the source of those issues is called as Source
Schools for India will provide the best infrastructure for people to send their children to school, there by ensuring
higher attendance, so that migration to towns and cities are avoided.
The 8 petals in the Schools for India logo represents the eight directions in which the projects will be executed.
It means, we will tackle, Poverty, Inequality, Illiteracy, Child Labor, Female Persecution, Intolerance, Migration to
cities, and Pollution by educating the people, and they, once Educated will be enlightened and this will empower
them to overcome all the obstacles to progress.