Schools For India

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Schools for India projects are supported and executed by scores of people across the globe, who perform multi
various roles.
The following sections explain the various roles and responsibilities of Members, Volunteers, Partners, Support Staff,
Mentors, Community Champions, Corporate Sponsor, Community Sponsor, and Celebrity Sponsors.


Schools for India is enrolling members across the globe. The total membership target is 100,000 members. The
targeted members would be from Asia- 40,000 Europe- 20,000 and from USA-40,000.
For more details please refer to Members
For more information refer to Volunteers

Support Staff:

The teaching and non-teaching administrative staff for the Schools for India Trust will be mainly drawn for the local
community. A stringent selection pattern is followed and a comprehensive training program is recommended to
ensure standardized prototype education across the country.
A tie-up with regular teacher training institutions across the country would be explored to staff various Schools for
India in future. The pay scale would be on par with that of city schools.


For more details please refer Mentors

Community Champion:

For more details please refer Community Champions


For more information please refer Partners

Corporate Sponsor:

For more information refer Corporate Sponsor

Community Sponsor:

For more information refer Community Sponsor

The Celebrity Sponsor:

For more information refer Celebrity Sponsor