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The Partnership:

Schools for India, would like to optimize the cost of implementing this project by selecting long term partners who understands and appreciate our work towards uplifting the under privileged in India.

Schools for India look forward to partnering with organizations who are transparent and motivated to work with us.

Partner Portal:

The online portal for the various stake holders to interact with Schools for India, the user can log in with secure ID and password.

The following partners would be having access to the portal, viz Partner Charities, Partner Non Profit corporations, Partner Vendors, Partner Educational Institutions, and Partner NGO’s

Partner Selection Process:

Schools for India will evaluate Charities, Non Profit corporations Vendors, Educational Institutions, NGO’s, based on well accepted and transparent process.

The following stages would be performed for any vendor selection:
01.Pre Qualification RFI- Request for Information
02.Request For Proposal- RFP process
03.Final short list

All the major vendors will be selected by following the above process and the general Terms and Conditions of Schools for India has to be agreed by all the vendors.

The online portal for vendors will be used for managing the whole process.

Schools for India is currently evaluating for partners who can provide the following services:

Financial Institutions

Law Firms

Building and Civil Engineering Firms

Interior Design Companies and Landscaping services

Supply Chain and Logistics Solution Providers

Information Technology: Hardware and Software solution Providers

Telecommunication and data management companies

Branding and Advertising

Captive power generation

School consumables supplies including schools uniforms


OEM’s for Schools Kitchens

Climate control equipments

Electrical equipments and installation services

For more details and information about the types of partners required and
registration formalities, please contact

Become a Partner