Schools For India

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We need support in the areas where you think you have a better say. We are eager to listen.

May be you had a dream of doing something similar, may be you did a similar project, and may be you were part of an organization which implemented similar projects in India or elsewhere.

If so, we would like you to help when we engage with other agencies, be it vendors, partners, government agencies or corporations.

Does our project strike an emotion in you? We are open to your ideas, and we would be happy to have you with us when we plan and execute this project.

If you are an educator, builder, or just anyone good at what you do, no matter what your age is, we would like to have you as our mentor to thousands of our volunteers who are working towards implementing this project successfully.

If you are a teacher or someone who has expertise in the educational system or has enough experience in managing rural educational programs, we would like to take your advice seriously.

The Current Need:

Currently we are setting up the regional offices and district offices across the country.

We need help in creating the most effective process so that we can open the 604 such offices in the next two years.

If you would like to be a mentor for this team, you can contact us at

Become a Mentors