Schools For India

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Online Forum for every one who is interested in this program

We value your views in making this program successful.

We would like you to participate in giving your ideas, suggestions and process improvements in meeting the objective of providing the best infrastructure to every child in India to pursue the education.

The Forum Areas..

The following process areas are available for making contributions..
Water Management, Power Management, Security Management, Nutrition and Child Health, Arts and Culture, Sports and Recreation, Community Interaction, Learning and Teaching Tools, Public Relations

District Survey:

Primary Research Program, Secondary Research Program, Survey tools, Data analysis.

The Open Platform:

Schools for India is an open organization, meaning any innovation in the education field developed by us would be published online and free for anyone to use. Our goal is to make education, that is the best education with best infrastructure is available to everyone.

The process:

Each contribution to the Forum would be evaluated and reviewed for accuracy. The processes will be published for use by any organization who would like to benefit out of the same. So only when you wish to make your ideas free for anyone to use, then only please send it to this Forum.