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Corporate Sponsor

Would you like your organization to be part of this initiative?
Schools for India is signing up global and Indian corporations to sponsor administrative and educational requirements of the project.

These Corporations will sponsor one or more cluster(s) for a period of 15 years. This enables the corporate to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by providing education to the underprivileged and empowering the society that they operate in.

It is anticipated that the dependence of the cluster over the corporate financial support system will decrease over a period in time.

If you are looking forward to contributing to the development of literacy and education of rural India, we provide you with the best way to ensure that your objectives are met quickly and results are achieved.

Schools for India brings to the table the project management expertise to complete every project on time, by utilizing the latest building technology and standardized construction techniques.

The entire fund management will be transparent and supervised by a professional body.

Funding principles:
Funding from Membership Fees: Annual Membership Fees, Life Membership fees, etc

Corporate Funding: This can be done in two ways – Direct Funding and Indirect Funding.

Direct Funding:
Sign up for a specific Unit or a cluster.  End-to-end ownership in terms of providing the funding.

Indirect Funding:
Funding for a specific region or for a concept Рlike improving the infrastructure capability of the science labs. Specific Hard or soft infrastructure to a number of units or clusters is also accepted.
For more information please contact

Become a Corporate Sponsor