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Community Champions

The community Participation:
We are identifying the key members of the local community like the retired teachers, Self help groups,and social workers to work with Schools for India in building the support framework to make each of the projects successful.

Schools for India recognizes that the local communities plays an important role in its own development, particularly in education.

Schools for India will work closely with the local communities by identifying the key stake holders for every district and communicate with them on a regular basis in providing the information about the selection of school sites, the progress of the building and the method /model of running of such schools.

The local community champion will ensure that the link between Schools for India and the communities are maintained.

This local community champion will be consulted so that the local sensitivities and needs are understood very clearly and acted upon.

Schools for India will also provide the necessary communication infrastructure for the community champions like Telecommunication facilities, including Internet connectivity where possible and information kiosks.

The community online portal will provide the necessary information needed by them and this will also act as the gateway for them to interact and obtain the best practices followed by other communities across India. Schools for India will identify and network members of the locale who will provide information crucial to the project.

These members, understood as the community sponsors, will necessarily possess relevant and significant information relating to the cluster.

They will indulge in local publicity and attract admissions into Schools for India.

The community sponsor will also act as liaison between local governmental agencies and the trust to ensure smooth execution of the project.

Become a Community Champions