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Pilot Updates


Donate a laptop!!

Schools for India is accepting used laptops in working condition, for training students in villages in Darbhanga, Bihar. If you are interested in donating your laptop, please send an email to with Make and Model number. Please remove all your personal data. We will format and install open source ...   Readmore


Schools for India signs MOU with Jatuka-Bandarisam Trust!

Schools for India signs the MOU with Jatuka-Bandarisam Educational Trust, for building and running the school in Jatuka Village. The management committee with prominent people in Darbhanga is formed to manage the school for the first 15 years, the team will hand hold the villagers in managing the school and ...   Readmore


Jatuka School Layout!

  Phase wise development plan for the pilot school!    Readmore


Pilot Project Update- GIS Mapping Completed!

[gallery] Schools for India's pilot project in Jotuka Village, Darbhanga,Bihar is taking shape as per plan with the GIS mapping of the entire project site completed last week. We are expecting the detailed site specific drawings to be completed by June 2012. We will be posting the regular updates!!    Readmore


Pilot updates

Schools for India, is currently engaged in the State of Bihar, India to build the first pilot school in Jotuka village. The village community has come together to support the project by donating 10 Acres of land. Total of 13 villagers pledged their support during the meeting held on 30th ...   Readmore