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FAQ  >>  Teaching Staff


How will be the teaching staff will be recruited?

S4I will follow the 60:20:20, approach where by 60% of the teachers will be recruited within the Taluk or Block, 20% will be from the district itself and 20% from the nearby districts.    Readmore


What is the method of recruitment?

S4I will conduct a bridge course for aspiring teachers and after the initial selection process. At present S4I will follow the government guidelines for salaries and wages.    Readmore


How do you get best teaching staff for each school? Most of the best teachers will not quit their present job and most of them might not be willing to come to a village and teach?

S4I will conduct entry level tests to recruit teachers. S4I will carefully select the aspirants from the Teacher’s training colleges and train them under experts for a period of 3 months before inducting them in the schools. They will also undergo continuous educational and teaching methods training. S4I believes that ...   Readmore


Say there isn’t enough teachers in the district of specified qualification, how do S4I get enough teachers for that school?

We do not foresee such a possibility right now. In the long run, S4I will set up dedicated special training centers for training the teachers and will have close working relationship with existing training institutions in that district.    Readmore


What are the Qualifications for a person to become a teaching staff?

The teachers will be recruited as per the government norms and regulations.    Readmore


How many teachers per school?

Each school shall have 140 teaching and Non teaching staff per shift.    Readmore