Schools For India

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FAQ  >>  Student Enrollment


What is the target student population for enrollment?

Schools for India will target bottom most 2% of the population in terms of economic status. The students from such families will be identified during the secondary and primary research that will be conducted in the district. Schools for India will admit those who are economically weaker section of the ...   Readmore


What is the probability of students joining S4I School instead of Government or Private schools?

S4I will take enough care in locating the schools so that they don’t compete with other schools in the area. The target population is the poorest of the poor who can’t afford to attend the private schools. The schools will cater to those who are not covered by any schools ...   Readmore


How do you identify the students who needs free education in a location?

The primary research which includes door to door survey by Schools for India, district team before the commencement of the project will help in identifying the beneficiary families and the children from such families; hence at the start of the academic year the students will be identified and given admission.    Readmore


How many students will be there in a class?

Each of the class will have up to 22 students. The special children school will have all the possible students from that area.    Readmore


Will S4I target individual sponsorship for a school? If yes how?

Supporting Other Schools or Students in Other Schools: The support for a school in a district will be done on case to case basis, for example if the S4I project is delayed due to any reason then S4I will explore the possibility of engaging and supporting any of the private ...   Readmore


What will be the tuition fee for the students?

Tuition Fees: We are expecting that 60% of the students shall be given free admission, 20% shall have government support and 20% shall be on payment basis. This percentage will vary from district to district. We are expecting that the 60% free tuition shall be paid by the community over a ...   Readmore