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FAQ  >>  S4I Engagement


Will Government fund for any of the school expenses? What is the Government’s part in S4I? Will government monitor S4I administration?

We are expecting the government to perform the role as laid out in the regulations and processes in monitoring institutions like S4I. The funding will depend on the support and agreements signed by S4I with State or Central government as the case may be.    Readmore


What control will Government have on S4I?

S4I is a registered Trust and will work autonomously in performing its objects as laid out in the Charter. The rules and regulations of any registered charitable organization shall apply to S4I.    Readmore


Have we contacted any corporate to support the pilot project?

We are contacting many corporate companies globally through our network. We are getting positive response and certain commitments as well.    Readmore


What do you mean by corporate funding and why will a corporate be interested to support for a initiative like S4I?

Global corporations who are entering the Indian markets are setting up green field plants across India. By participating in a social project like building a school in a district will enable the corporate company to reach out to the community in which they are doing business. Also in the long ...   Readmore


Why will a US corporate like to fund for an initiative in India, meaning why prefer India when there are other countries that too will need help…??

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. For a country like US, India offers various opportunities to service the growing population and their needs. India also acts as the back office for various high end services for many corporations across the globe. US corporations who are ...   Readmore


How long will be a corporate fund for S4I, say after 5 years if they stop funding then how will be the funds managed for continuing S4I?

The S4I will continuously de risk the project by having enough resources to meet such eventuality. The funding and risk management will be an ongoing process.    Readmore


Are we working in hand with the local NGO’s?If yes, what would be the stand of S4I, if the local NGO’s would like to do things in their own way?

S4I will carefully select the local partner for each district, in case of conflict the S4I regional committee will try to resolve the issues, as S4I will have documented process for all such engagements and a conflict resolution process, and this will be refined as we gain experience in dealing ...   Readmore


How do you engage the students to support S4I and is there any defined process for the same?

S4I currently engages many volunteers from Colleges across the globe. Most of the new process developments and support systems are created by these students. S4I members or Volunteers initiate the contact with a college anywhere in the world and an overview on the project is given. Many S4I members meet ...   Readmore