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FAQ  >>   Membership


How many members already with S4I?

S4I membership campaign started in June 2008 and we are expecting to add 100 members by end of March 2009. We are expecting 3000 members globally in the next three years.    Readmore


Where can we see the Minutes of various meetings held by members?

The members can view the S4I activities once they get access to the Google group. Refer the web site and follow the link for more information.    Readmore


What is the process to be followed if I as S4I member wish to implement my idea in it?

S4I member groups are formed and the Google group is the forum to share ideas and suggest implementation models. Based on the acceptance by the S4I Steering committee and Governance committee, the ideas would be implemented.    Readmore


Will membership program continue even if we get adequate support from the corporate?

The membership fee is intended for supporting the organization structure and the member groups for every district. The various heads and expenses which will be covered by the membership fee is described in the document uploaded in the Google group.    Readmore


Why is the membership expiring at the end of a financial year rather than at the end of one complete year from the date of joining?

As the tax exemption for the membership fee can be availed for the same year, regardless of the date of joining as well as to ensure that the administrative cost of sending renewal notices for each and every member is avoided. The first year of the membership will always expire ...   Readmore


How can member funding help S4I?

The complete budget and expenses done with member funding is available in the Google Group. This can be viewed by the members who will be given access once they become registered members of S4I.    Readmore