Schools For India

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FAQ  >>   Infrastructure


Why build such a big school in rural area?

Based on our studies we find that maintaining a large school is much easier than maintaining many small schools. By providing large and well managed facility will attract the right teaching talent than small schools. Economy of scale is achieved by building large school catering to more villages than locating ...   Readmore


Why spend large amount for one school, instead you can build or support many schools or students?

The idea is to provide quality education and not compromise on infrastructure or on teaching quality. It is true that we can support many schools with the same money but we would like to set a benchmark and standard with respect to the infrastructure, quality of teachers and the education provided ...   Readmore


How are you planning to build such a large school in 90 Days?

S4I is working with various architects and builders to create a unique building construction plan, using pre fabricated modules which can be assembled in short span of time. S4I will employ technology similar to the one followed in the industry to build large facilities much faster and cheaper. S4I will ...   Readmore