Schools For India

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Faculty point


Online Portal

The online portal for the teachers and support staff of Schools for India program to interact. To provide the quality teaching staff, Schools for India aims at recruiting the local talent as much as possible, who would be trained by the Trust on an ongoing basis. Schools for India will set up ...   Readmore


Training Medium

The Training medium: Schools for India will be partnering with various training institutions across the country. Every effort will be made to create free training modules for any aspiring teachers across the country. Real life case studies and teaching methods will be made available. Periodic refreshes courses and online test would be conducted to ...   Readmore


Schools Portal

The Schools Portal To ensure that each of the schools has their own online space for collaboration, with each cluster of schools would be able to interact and share information and best practices online. Over a period of time all the schools would be interconnected through this portal to make it as ...   Readmore