Schools For India

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Business Plan

Over View:

The Schools for India Business plan is based on scientific analysis, using robust processes, with
the aim of using technology to bring in change to the lives of rural poor children, to provide
education using state of the art infrastructure.

The technique used to develop the plan is based on the principle called “Source Intervention” by
providing maximum resources at the source of the problem, in this case illiteracy, leading raise to
Poverty, Migration to Cities, Child Labor, and Social inequality.

Track Record:

Schools for India has the team of people who are from diverse background across the globe with
large project management expertise.

The Schools for India management team has considerable experience in managing multi vendors
and outsourced environment, in a global market place.

This team is confident of running this large project with this experience.


Global organization
Local connections
Large Project Management expertise
Committed Team

Key differentiators:

Single largest infrastructure project of its kind
Managing the Private and Public participation
Best in class infrastructure in rural areas