Schools For India

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A Small Initiative Towards Better India

Many children living in rural areas receive a level of education which is very poor. Overall enrollment in primary and middle schools are very low. Fifty percent of children living in these areas leave school before the fifth gradeĀ  These children leave school for variety of reasons: some leave because of lack of interest; most leave so that they can work in the fields, where the hours are long and the pay is low. A large percent of the dropouts are females. Forced by their parents, most girls perform chores and tend the family at home. These are some of the reasons why sixty percent of all females in India are illiterate, a figure much higher than those of males

As a small initiative towards changing this scenario, Schools for India has been started,with the aim of building and running schools for the rural poor in India. Their objective is to

  • Build the best in class schools in India
  • Best in Class Infrastructure
  • Build, Operate and Transfer to local communities
  • A Self Sustaining Model
  • 6000 schools by the year 2020 across the country


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